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Health and Safety

Whilst Health and Safety of our employees in our manufacturing process is our priority at Panel Technique, and we are registered with the Workmans Compensation Commissioner for Occupational Injuries, priority is also given to the health and safety of the operating personnel working with the installed panels on site.

We are proud to offer the following;

  • SABS NETFA tested and approved hinges and locks on all doors. Fault conditions were created within the cubicles to ensure the doors remain closed, protecting the operator standing in front of the panel.
  • Our Bent and welded construction is safer under short circuit condition.
  • Barriers are used between live parts and functional areas.
  • All live parts are clearly identified with warning labels.
  • All switchgear used complies with local and international standards.
  • We do not tin/silver busbars where hazardous chemicals are required.

Our Certificates & Affiliations

  • SABS
  • BEE Level 5
  • EASA


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